TurnKey Solutions

TurnKey Solutions

It's a big & fast world and it's still growing. In this fast forward way of life, nobody has enough time to stop by & spend enough time to ensure that their homes are decorated by their own taste. So we at 'The Interior Studio' works around the best turnkey projects to art the long-time consuming problems incurred by one in making a house of his own style.

The turnkey projects can be done in 3 steps:-

Civil work
The civil work is the first phase in the turnkey projects,which involves preparing the total structure of the building,from demorcation to floor laiding. The civil work is done by 'the interior studio's' channel associate to ensure the best quality in structure establishment.

Total interiors
After the structure is deemed 'ready' to work upon, the next phase involves working on the interiors of the house, this work is specifically done by our experts at 'the interior studio', by matching the tastes & preferences individually. You can refer to our products section for more details & our exquisite range of wallpaper, wooden flooring, curtains & sofa fabrics, rods, awning, shoe racks & more.

After the interiors are finalized, then it comes to the customer to choose from a wide variety of furniture to make up your dream home